How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode After iOS 8 Upgrade

“I connected my iPhone 5S to update to iOS 8. The update was very slow and then iTunes gave me an error, and the iPhone went into recovery mode. I tried to restore my iPhone lost data but no use. Anyone can help?”
“My iphone 5C stuck in recovery mode. When iOS 8 come in official, I upgrade my phone to iOS 8, and then 5 days ago my iPhone was stuck in recovery mode and I have no way to get it out.”

Situations are that iOS 8 brings wonderful experience to iPhone users but as well as some problems at the same time. Being stuck in recovery mode is the common issue we received recently. Don’t worry. Here you come to the right place. We now provide you three effective ways to help getting your iPhone out of recovery mode after iOS 8 upgrade: Directly scan from iPhone for lost data, to recover from iTunes backup file and to recover from iCloud backup file.

iPhone Data Recovery is an almighty program that can not only recover any iPhone lost data that you like but also help you get our of the recovery mode of your iPhone when it stuck in recovery mode. The passage will then be separated into two parts to show you two different solutions to teach you on how to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.

You can download iPhone Data Recovery on your computer first and read the guide below:

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version 

How to Exit iPhone Recovery Mode after Updating to iOS 8/9

Step 1: Lauch the program and connect with computer

After install the program, launch the iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac on your computer, then connect your iPhone to computer via an Apple USB cable.

ipad stuck in recovery mode after update

Step 2: Exit iPhone recovery mode or Apple white logo screen

After run the program on your computer, the main window will pop up as below.
For Windows computer users, you just need to click "Restart" and your iPhone will return to normal in a few minutes after the restart.

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