Will User Be Interested In 4 Inches iPhone 6

[Abstract] iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 users are still ubiquity, It seems that consumers are still willing to use the small screen iPhone.

Global currently using the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 series of mobile phone users in the end how much? Currently, it seems that such a user is still widespread.

There is no doubt that Apple has noticed a large number of users are still using these screens smaller phones, but also noted that these users do not upgrade their iPhone, the iPhone 6 top. Of course, this may be one of the problems Apple is worth worrying.

Some people think that a smaller screen mobile phone facilitates users to more easily in the hand and easier management and control, while a larger screen iPhone 6 phone in my hand was more likely to fall. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 shell phone is not easier to fall, the reason for this, mainly due to the iPhone 6 handsets smooth metal surface. If Apple can along the cloth around the iPhone 6 on some broad-brush pattern, then this phone is easy to slide the problem should not arise.

Undoubtedly, iPhone 6 phone of course is a very popular mobile phone, however, iPhone number 6 Plus Apple currently sells a larger screen is very low, this phenomenon seems to indicate that consumers are still willing to use a smaller screen iPhone.

iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone screen large body length, body length of 6.2 inches, while the screen was 5.5 inches; In contrast, iPhone 6 phone body length 5.44 inches, compared with 4.7 inches screen. iPhone 4 and 4S body lengths of 4.5 inches, compared with 3.5 inches screen. Nevertheless, there are still tens of millions of users in the use of mobile phones iPhone 4 and 4S. iPhone 4S screen aspect ratio of 3 to 2, while the iPhone 5 series phone screen aspect ratio is 16 to 9.

Some media reports earlier this week that Apple is currently preparing to launch a new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus and other mobile phones, in addition, will have to launch a new iPhone 6c phone. These messages also sparked the traditional topic of great debate - that is, whether Apple will re-produce smaller screen phone.

It is said that the two iPhone 6s phone is indeed in the building, is expected to be released this fall. Estimate the size of these phones and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone is similar, but may be used after plastic shell, like iPhone 5c that. According to sources, Apple intends to launch the iPhone 6s series phones may also be a low price, a move aimed at attracting more old iPhone users.

However, iPhone 6c phone will be introduced if indeed the case, you might install a 4-inch screen, so that you may be attracted to the traditional iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 users to re-use the iPhone 6 series phones.

At present, a major question is whether Apple iPhone 6 will have all the technology related to the integration of the smaller screen of the iPhone handsets. The industry believes that Apple certainly can do it. In fact, from the iPhone iPhone 5 series 6 series of technological change is not large, but a little larger display, this may be the biggest change. Therefore, the configuration screen of 4 inches smaller iPhone 6 mobile phones and other technologies are likely to integrate together.

Of course, Apple is still unable to determine whether the company will build a new smaller iPhone screen phone. However, the 4-inch iPhone 6 is certainly desirable handset, this phone may make Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) to usher in "Another exciting moment."

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