How to Restore Deleted Contacts Messages Photos Calendar Notes on iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Part 1 Tutorial - How To Recover Deleted Contacts Messages Photos Videos Calendar Notes And More On iPhone 6S

As long as you use your iPhone, there will get the risk of data loss, no matter you use iPhone 4S or the latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Following, we list the top 7 reasons of why users lost theirs data from iPhone:
  • iOS software update: Some users state that their contacts were wiped when updating to the new iOS, even after restoring the rest of the device's settings as is the norm. It’s recommended that you just hit “update” button left without any security of your content, all you have to remember is to back up your device to either iCloud or iTunes on a local computer.
  • Restore to factory settings: Restoring your iPhone to factory settings may remove all of your personal information like text messages, notes and appointments, although it retains some of its apps.
  • Jailbreak: Jailbreaking your iPhone voids the warranty, and this operation often got stuck in DFU mode. Restoring your iPhone in iTunes will erase everything including SMS, photos, videos etc.
  • Delete data due to mis-operation: Deleting information simply by touching the screen the wrong way, getting rid of unwanted contacts on your iPhone or other mis-operations will make your regret most before backup.
  • iPhone crashing: iPhone crashing like camera library, mail or contact app crashing will put your iPhone into blank screen with Apple sign in white. Then you find all your photos, contacts were gone after it came back.
  • Get your iPhone wet or have it stolen: If you have had the horrible misfortune of having your iPhone dropped in water or stolen, maybe you will see all your valuable information get lost, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, ideas, etc in a second.
  • Replacing iPhone battery: All flash memory in the phone (except RAM) is retained without power. Replacing the battery has the same effect as resetting your iPhone, be careful with this!
As we all know, iTunes can automatically backup your iPhone/iPod/iPad data, but you have no access to them. Why can't you get them from iTunes? It is because iTunes store the data in unreadable files. So you cannot check them directly. Does it mean that you can do nothing to recover your iPhone data? Definitely no!

To recover your lost or deleted contents like Contacts, Text messages, Photos, Video, Calendar, Notes and more on your iPhone 6S/6S Plus, as well as iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5S, you need the more reliable and effective solution, iPhone Contents Recovery is what your best choice.

iPhone Contents Recovery is a professional data recovery software, which specially design for iPhone, iPad, iPod users to recover all types of data from iOS device, including messages, contacts, photos, call history, videos, calendar, notes, WhatsApp chat history, bookmarks, iMessages, etc. This iPhone Data Recovery tool provides two recovery mode to restore iPhone lost data, no matter your iPhone was damaged or lost,you can get back all lost data easily.

iPhone Contents Recovery provides you with 3 different recovery modes to choose:

Tutorial 1: Recover Deleted Data from iPhone Directly
Tutorial 2: Extract Deleted iPhone Data from iTunes Backup
Tutorial 3: Restore Lost iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

Download the free trial version to take a try. Get the right version for your computer.

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

Note: Fully compatible with the latest Windows 10, iOS 9, iOS 8.4, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS, as well as all iPad and iPod touch.

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Part 2 iPhone News - The Most Comprehensive iPhone 6S Rumors

According to Mobile News blog news that Apple may launch the next generation iPhone on September 25.

It is now August, and September is also just around the corner, which means we still have a few weeks you can see the true face of Apple's next-generation iPhone. While we know a lot of precise information about the next generation of Apple iPhone, but various leaks news and analysts' research reports seems to have sketched out for us the appearance of the next generation iPhone.

According to current rumors in the industry, we seem to feel the biggest change is that the new iPhone will be more focused to enhance the current functionality, such as upgrading the existing display, and camera, rather than updating the design.

The new version of iPhone may be named as "iPhone 6S"

If Apple continuation of the current naming convention, then the next generation iPhone will either called "iPhone 6S", or just called "iPhone 7". Most industry reports have indicated that the name of Apple's next generation iPhone is likely to be "iPhone 6S", although KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo has said that in June this year, Apple's next generation iPhone smartphone might be named "iPhone 7. "

The same configuration as the Apple Smart Watch the Force Touch Technology

According to Ming Chi-Kuo's argument, the next generation of Apple's iPhone will be configured Force Touch technology. In fact, Force Touch technology first appeared in Apple's new MacBook and Apple Watch being. Ming Chi-Kuo also said that among the so-called iPhone 6s Force Touch technology will differ from Apple's recently introduced new products Force Touch technology. Ming Chi-Kuo did not believe that this Force Touch technology can be like in the new MacBook trackpad that can detect pressure, but that the new Force Touch technology will be able to sense "the contact area where the contact area of ​​the finger touch screen to determine how much pressure in the end. "

Famous technology blog 9to5Mac writer Mark Gurman also believe that Apple's new iPhone will be in the next generation hand-configurable Force Touch technology. In addition, many other industry analysts think so.

The user can activate Force Touch technology iOS new features

According to Mark Gurman's view, the current sounds as if the Force Touch iOS display will be able to activate the many new features and shortcuts. Mark Gurman claiming that he is from a source used by the next generation of Apple's iPhone prototype talked. For example, users can in order to complete a number of tasks, including Apple's map through the needle and put more pressure on the way to the display screen to adjust the new iPhone in the media player, instead of using the program screen mode.

Or will be launched on September 25

According to Mobile News blog news that Apple may launch the next generation iPhone on September 25. Mobile News claims to have received Apple's internal e-mail, the e-mail was originally sent by the British operator Vodafone Apple's internal staff. Allegedly, this email summary account of the launch of the next generation iPhone plans, claiming that this new version of the smart phone will be released on September 25, and from September 18 started to accept reservations.

Apple will certainly be launched in September this newest iPhone 6s, often because the company had launched a new iPhone in September, but there is no definite launch date. Even Mobile News e-mail is legitimate, but there is no evidence that Vodafone had been fully aware of all the plans of Apple's next generation iPhone.

There may be two different size models

Ming Chi-Kuo also believes that Apple will launch in September insisted different sizes of the next generation iPhone, saying the size of the next generation iPhone might include two 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

The next generation iPhone may also be more durable

According to Ming Chi-Kuo believes that Apple might use with Apple Watch Sport housing Series 7000 aluminum same material to produce the next generation iPhone. In other words, this material than aluminum used in Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 60% more durable.

iPhone 6S may be slightly larger than the iPhone 6

Ming Chi-Kuo also claimed that, in his view, Apple's next generation iPhone, iPhone 6 than 0.15 mm long, 0.2 mm thick, but it was unclear why. Increasing the thickness of the next generation iPhone, probably due to the new aluminum Apple plans to use the result, if Ming Chi-Kuo guess is correct.

Perhaps shape looks very similar with iPhone 6

The next generation iPhone, probably very similar to the current iPhone 6 shape, if the recent leaks photos are real words. The most famous one spy from Guer Man, this spy photos show, the next generation iPhone back cover and the interiors are very similar with the iPhone 6.

The camera may be better

There seems to be a more realistic rumor is that the next generation iPhone's camera will be greatly improved. Market research firm Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White cloth to BI, said he has seen from Apple's supply chain, there is evidence that the next generation iPhone will be configured 12 trillion camera improved.

Blog writer John Gruber had also declared that he heard about the next generation iPhone will be configured "largest in the history of the camera." According to "The Wall Street Journal," the news, Apple recently acquired Israeli camera manufacturers LinX, the estimated price of $ 20 million. An analyst at Macquarie Research institutions through research reports, LinX technology can reduce noise, thus helping iPhone in low light shooting clearer picture, as well as other improvements.

In particular, Apple, or will be upgraded next-generation iPhone front and rear camera sensor:
Brian White to BI, said he has received evidence from Apple suppliers there, indicating that the next generation iPhone will be configured improved 12-megapixel camera. The news and Kuo Ming-pool previous news coincide. 12 megapixels compared to the current iPhone's 8 trillion, it is certainly a huge step forward. However, there is some evidence that Apple's iPhone camera about the future plans of more hidden among iOS program 9. Developers Hazma Sood recently found some code that the code hint of the next generation iPhone will support 1080p front camera video recording, 24 frames per second slow-motion shooting, panoramic shot mode function and flash function.

User or will be able to increase the 3D effect in the picture

According to Macquarie's report, in fact, LinX technology may also allow users to iPhone photos taken by adding a 3D effect. Macquarie's report claims, LinX technology to build a 3D object model, the next generation iPhone will also configure dual camera, which essentially means that the next generation iPhone will be configured more than one camera sensor, it is possible to shoot images depth of field, It sounds in the HTC One M8 camera is very similar.

Apple's next-generation iPhone will not have the 16GB model

According to MIC Gadget news, Apple's next generation iPhone, will no longer exist models with 16GB of storage. Instead, the next generation iPhone will be the basic storage capacity 32GB, which is "The Korea Times" had a report coincides, when the "Korea Times" news that the next generation Apple iPhone will abandon the 16GB model, the minimum storage The most direct upgrade to 32GB.

If Apple decides to increase the next generation of the cheapest iPhone's storage capacity, then it will be beneficial to the company to solve many user complaints or criticism of some of the problems the industry over the past year. For example, Apple launched iOS 8 last year, some iPhone owner has not been upgraded since their iPhone, simply do not have enough capacity.

If you connect with the next generation iPhone 6s LTE, then the speed will be twice as iPhone 6

According Gurman reports, users download the application on the iPhone 6s, music and movies will be much more than the speed of iPhone 6. Apple's next generation iPhone to support new LTE chip will greatly enhance performance - will be twice as iPhone 6.

Apple's next-generation iPhone in the new processor might be "A9", because Apple's current iPhone chips are "A8".

Configuring better battery

Gurman also claims that the next generation iPhone in the new processor, Qualcomm said to be from manufacturing, with good effect, which means that the next generation iPhone might configure than the iPhone 6 times longer battery life.

This may appear pink models

According to "The Wall Street Journal," the news that Apple is testing a new version of the pink iPhone. There is no evidence that this phone will be the market, but if Apple did in testing the new color of the iPhone, so we may see them in the next generation iPhone.

A chance to see the new 4-inch iPhone, but this rumor is unlikely

China Taiwan media "Electronic Times" (Digitimes) the news that Apple is planning to launch three new iPhone: a 4.7-inch iPhone; a 5.5-inch iPhone; there is a 4-inch iPhone. 4 inches is unclear how the next generation iPhone will be integrated into Apple's iPhone product line into and how this phone will be named. "Electronic Times," a lot of speculation after the news accuracy varies, and therefore the accuracy of this report is also doubtful.

However, China's "Economic Daily" The good news is that Apple may introduce a new version of a 4-inch iPhone.

Market research firm Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri is also to BI, he said earlier this year he was at Apple suppliers there to see some evidence that Apple is developing a new version of the 4-inch metal iPhone. However, all the signs similar Shique disappeared in March of this year, so it looks like Apple or cancel the 4 inches of new iPhone products, either delayed the launch of this product.

Apple's latest version of the software configuration iOS 9

Judging from the past, Apple's new iPhone is always a time to configure the latest operating systems, so-called iPhone 6s iOS 9 will also be pre-installed operating system. If you still hold the old iPhone, then once iOS 9 launch this fall, users can upgrade to the new system has.


iPhone's US Market Share Rose By 1.8%

comScore statistics show that, iPhone this year from March to May increased to 43.5 percent of the US smartphone market share.

According to the latest survey data from the US market research firm comScore show given by Apple in March this year between three and five extended its advantage in the US smartphone market, while the market share of the iOS platform has been further expanded.

comScore data show that, iPhone in March this year - between May US smartphone market share up to 43.5%, the chain increased 1.8%. Coincidentally, at the end of the statistical period in April, the growth rate is the same as the iPhone market share of 1.8%.

In the year from March to May in the US smartphone market, Apple rival Samsung's market share has remained relatively stable, the company's share of smart phones increased by only 0.1% to 28.7%, in second place. In addition to Apple and to Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC have also successfully established itself as a top-five position, but their market share decreased by 0.1%, 0.2% and 0.3%.

comScore report shows that despite Android system still occupy the throne of the nation's first smart phone operating platform, but its share has ushered in a 0.7% MoM decline to 52.1%. On the other hand, Apple iOS still ranked second in market share over the same period of the system grew by 1.8%, while to some extent eroded the market share of both including Android, Microsoft, Blackberry and Symbian system.

It should be said that the latest data released by comScore reflects the trends in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, driven by strong demand for the US smartphone market. During last year's popular shopping season, big-screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has helped Apple scored a record 74.5 million sales. Moreover, this hot trend has continued into March of this year, Apple's iPhone sales in the quarter also reached a huge 61 million of.

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iPhone 6S's Internet Speed May Be Doubled

iPhone 6S will use Qualcomm's newly developed chip that has improved so much in performance.

July 2, according to foreign media reports, the next generation of the iPhone is expected to provide faster network connections and longer battery life.

9to5Mac website reported that, according to sources supplied iphone 6S prototype board photos, Apple's next generation of phones will use Qualcomm developed "MDM9635M" chip. The chip is also known as "Gobi 9x35" chips, with the current and iPhone6 ​​Plus iPhone6 ​​use "9x25" chip compared to the chip has greatly improved in performance, theory LTE downlink speeds twice as fast.

Qualcomm announced at the end of 2013 for the first time the chip, but the reasons for the slow production of the chip into the smart phone market last year, such as Samsung's Galaxy S5 on the use of the chip. For users, the chip most important improvement is the highest download speeds of up to 300Mbps, and the current iPhone6 ​​series of mobile phones download speeds of 150Mbps. In actual use, it may be close to 225Mbps download speeds or lower, depending on the mobile phone network.

According to Qualcomm's propaganda that the chip more power, which means that iPhone 6S has a longer battery life. 9to5Mac site said the new iPhone motherboard motherboard than the current iPhone6 ​​narrower, more compact, use a larger battery to provide space.

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iPhone 6S Will Probably Use 12 Million Pixel Camera

iPhone 6s also joined the "Iris Capture" feature, the camera when the lens while recording a video after opening.

Apple iPhone 6s have been rumors that they will join Force Touch technology, and now has been further confirmed. According to Bloomberg, citing informed sources said that Apple will release iPhone6s series will support Force Touch feature in the second half of this year, and Apple with suppliers to spend at least two years for such a touch-sensing technology in the mobile phone screen performance to be Perfection. And future iPhone 6s series also will have two kinds of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen size, expected next month, will accelerate the production schedule.

Two years to complete

According to Bloomberg's statement, Apple released iPhone6s series will also have 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two screen sizes in the second half of this year, and not much difference in appearance. Meanwhile Force Touch pressure touch technology will debut on the iPhone 6s series, for Apple and suppliers spent at least two years, to improve the function of this touch-sensitive screen on the phone's performance. It is reported, this function allows the user to adjust clicking finger on the screen to trigger different functions of the intensity, which is Apple against Samsung and other rivals in the latest competition initiatives.

However, there are messages from the microblogging claimed, Force Touch pressure touch technology currently does not have any role in the iPhone 6s, which is also well-known analyst Kuo Ming-pool after saying good agreement. According to Kuo Ming-pool argument, because the Force Touch is a new interactive technology, so they need more support for third-party applications to synchronize. Thus, if the lack of application support, the user experience may not be a more significant upgrade in the short term.

Support aperture camera

According to sources at the same time on the microblogging say, iPhone 6s rose pink version has been confirmed, rather than the previously outgoing rose gold, but the pink and white border panel seemed more abrupt with them. While iPhone 6s camera configuration, have tested in the past 16 megapixel version of the project, but later changed to pilot version of 12 million pixels, and joined the 4K video recording and 240fps slow-motion video capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that, iPhone 6s also joined the so-called "stop camera" function, that is, after opening the aperture can take a photo and record a video, browse in normal circumstances would be a photograph, but if you have been press live and hold the touch screen will become video playback. In addition, iPhone 6s of the front lens will be upgraded to 500 million pixels, but the main camera on the back of still some outstanding.

Fingerprint Faster

iPhone 6s will also upgrade the memory to 2GB, and the minimum capacity remains at 16GB, but according to sources say, the aircraft's speed and fingerprint recognition rate is very impressive, large angles are instantly unlocked, even in terms of speed Samsung GALAXY S6 faster than about 30%, from dormancy to unlock even finger touch on the Home key once to complete.

It is worth mentioning that the message from the microblogging also disclosed that, iPhone 6s series codenamed N66 and N71, and compared to the iPhone 6 shape does not change, it is also more in line with the Bloomberg report. At the same time it is precisely because iPhone 6s series of design and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is similar, it is expected that the final assembly process will be smooth. However, Bloomberg said, time to market and yield iPhone 6s series is likely to be affected by the touch screen of supply and production vary.


iOS 9 New Features: Not Carry A Cell Phone To Answer The Phone With A Computer

Apple users should be aware that the introduction of a new feature called "Continuity" (continuous exchange) in iOS 8 system, which can make the iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. "integration", the biggest bright spot is the iPad, Mac also can replace iPhone receive calls, text messages.

However, there is a limitation: all the equipment required in the same local area network, and the device type can not be too old. It seems that this iOS function of continuity is not very practical - with a WiFi, need we to call each other?

However, in the latest release of iOS 9 system, the continuous exchange (Continuity) function has been strengthened, it allows the use of iOS devices or Mac computers between 3G or 4G data network connection to each other, such as a mobile phone at home forgot to answer the phone with a computer company .

Continuous exchange (Continuity) function is a new feature of Apple's iOS 8 added to the system, which allows direct collaboration between iOS devices or Mac computers, such as to call when the phone rang and the iPad together, or open a web page using a mobile phone, the computer will pop up, reminding the user to watch on the big screen open, but use this feature with the proviso that all the equipment needed in the same local area network (equipment model is also required, not too old).

In the latest release of iOS 9, the second function has been upgraded, it has supported the use of 3G/4G data network connection, iPhone or iPad is no longer necessary with the Mac in the same LAN, on the other device can use the same iCloud account data network connection .

Imagine, a usage scenario would be: If, after your phone at home, the company can use a Mac or iPad to answer the call.

This behavior is not look familiar? Facetime video calls when just on the line, have restrictions must have a WiFi network, and later began to support data network connection.

But operators of this feature may be limited to this function (because it is not a call under the GSM network), the current operators T-Mobile has been determined that began in July test support under continuous data network interworking function, but only the United States, rest of the world is not can not know.

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What Are The Highlights Of WWDC 2015 Keynote

Yesterday, the 2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) held in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, the WWDC has continued to update the system traditionally dominated, did not release new hardware products.

However, the system updates surprise again and again, small news updates have been overwhelmed. The system updates can say is thoroughly updated, the entire system from the ground up to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, the system becomes more intelligent. The WWDC focused on the three themes: iOS, OS X, and Watch OS, features three themes not only on the tall, there follow the mass line of useful features.

If you have to, and a few days before Google I / O conference compared to the case, we want to say, should be the content of this year's Apple WWDC next year's Google I / O conference a. Of course, finally, Steve Jobs-style "One More thing": new applications with the Apple Music music social functions.

Just shortly before WWDC 2015, Google held its I / O conference, accused of novelty, while the more some of the features of Apple's pursuit of such payments, fingerprint, Android more and more to iOS line. So, what WWDC 2015 session of the new features and highlights to follow it? With a look.

The new iOS9: Change

1) Siri Smarter

As the theme of this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference "The epicenter of change" interpretation of more change. iOS9 was completely redesigned from the bottom of the system began a comprehensive upgrade, so that the whole system becomes more intelligent.

In fact, this is Google's latest operating system Android M in the direction of the trend: more intelligent. Similar Google Now voice assistant service. Apple also will Siri features and Spotlight search function integration, combined with the scene, the application, the phone becomes capable assistant, according to the user's time, place, APP and equipment to open a connection to predict next move.

Google Now voice assistant service is also in application scenarios, an increase of more choices, more intelligent on the presentation. That was the way users access to content that is required by points.

2) Passbook did not have a Wallet

Last year, Apple launched Apple Pay, this year Apple Pay further functions were perfect, and pushed the UK. In addition to adding more than well-known merchants, Square will also release a new reader, countless small businesses can begin to use Apple Pay.

In addition, Apple Pay let Passbook application richer, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, tickets, etc. rolled into one, since Passbook gone, replaced by a Wallet.

Google Wallet just renamed the Android Pay, wins the Apple Pay, Apple introduced Wallet, a coincidence?

2) Map: Bus navigation will become closer

Google launched the I / O conference on offline map function caused the audience applause, Apple added a new Transit the features in the map APP, the more people screaming.

Transit new feature that allows users to access to public transport navigation public transport, trains, subways, ferries, and even can be displayed and the exit of the pit mouth.

More importantly, this feature is equally applicable in many other countries.

3) increase battery life 1 hour

Smartphone biggest pain points, and difficult to solve the problem is the battery life. Since lithium principle restrictions, handset manufacturers can "curve" resolved fast charging technology development.

At the recent Google I / O conference on the launch of the latest operating system Android M, an increase of Doze feature, you can distinguish sleep or activity, if time does not move, it will automatically turn off some of the App. This can make life doubled.

The Apple iOS9 also increases low-power mode, it can be extended by one hour battery life.

Moreover, in order to increase the space after the provincial volume iOS 9 reduced from 4.6GB to 1.3GB.

4) The legend of the split-screen feature enables

As Apple's senior vice president Craig Federighi beginning to introduce the latest version of the main highlights when iOS9 said, iOS9 focused on smart, APPs, iPad and functions. More intelligent Siri reflected in the upgrade, APP increased by News application, in iPad side is introduced to the legendary split-screen function.

The different applications interface displayed on a limited screen size, is one of the highlights of Microsoft Surface tablet. The Apple iPad can be achieved iOS 9 in split-screen, the user can set out two different App in the interface, but also in the same application, listing of different interfaces, such as opening or compare two documents in the browser simultaneously display two tabs. There 1/3 screen, accounting for half of the screen and the proportion accounted for two-thirds of the screen are three to choose from.

Moreover, iPad can be achieved "picture in picture" function, support for video playback suspension, it allows the user to always keep a video player to play at the top of a small window.

5) the end of the open source Swift

Of course, in addition to surprise consumers than Apple iOS9 also upgraded the new development language Swift2.

Swift Apple released iOS language original intention was to make development easier, more accurate and replace Object-C language. wift 2.0 added major features include generics, faster debug mode, faster compilation, error handling, C function pointer API, comments the Markdown format.

As announced by the end of Swift Craig Federighi will open, the language will affect more and more.

How to Upgrade iPhone iPad to iOS 9

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The new Watch OS: Watch cell phone is no longer a subsidiary

Smart wearable devices are now being seen as more smartphones ancillary products, some functions such as telephone can not be achieved independently. Apple released a major trend in the latest Watch OS more APP is to be transferred to the Watch, no longer is a mobile phone accessory products.

And Google will tighten the different open-source Android Wear, Apple's Watch OS2 more open, the original native application API open interfaces, so that more developers closer to the underlying hardware, call the API, you can access a variety of sensors Watch on.

After upgrading Apple Watch Watch OS2, you can reply to the message, carried FaceTime voice calls. You can even HomeKit, Apple Pay stationed Apple Watch.

The new version of OS X: the player favorites

Following the Yosemite version of OS X, Apple released the latest OS X: El Capitan. El Capitan is another California attractions chiefs stone, known as "the world's largest piece of exposed granite in the ground monomer." 1100 m high rock, through the 5700 years.

This version is mainly focused on upgrading the Mac experience and performance.

El Capitan gestures functionality for many fast operation easier. Spotlight search function also increases the search sources, to provide users with a richer search results. In El Capitan in Yosemite startup speed applications is at least 1.4 times.

In addition, most of the audience is inviting developers introduced a new version of OS X Metal technology. Metal combines the computing power of OpenCL and OpenGL graphics capabilities, so rendering a 40% increase, rendering Adobe has been 8 times increase. Lovers of the game was a huge highlight.

Apple Music: Music opened a new era

2003 Apple introduced iTunes, allow consumers to download songs legally, revolutionize the music sales model. After a lapse of 12 years, Apple once again rooted in the music of DNA into Apple to launch Apple Music application.

This is the Apple press conference of "One More thing".

Not only have the Apple Music in the iTunes library, users can hear 24/7 anywhere in more than 100 countries and regions, skip-free music broadcast.

Moreover, Apple Music also launched Beats Connect, the fledgling singer and fans a platform. Apple said Beats Connect music is actually a pair of social networking, where fans and artists can perform a variety of exchanges.

Cook believes, Apple Music will be another new era in the music industry.

What should you do for the iOS 9 Upgrade?


Three Ways to Restore Lost iPhone Data After iOS 9 Upgrade

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iOS 9 Update

Apple does not come out and tell us that we will see the iOS 9 update at WWDC 2015, and there is no way that this will mark the iOS 9 release date, but there are important details we will learn at WWDC 2015. In the press release Apple states, “At WWDC, Apple’s renowned developer community will come together to learn about the future of iOS.” This is enough to confirm we will see new iOS update information at this event. for the past several years Apple chose WWDC to reveal new iOS updates to the world.

Expect a lot of iOS 9 update information at WWDC 2015.

At WWDC 2015 we expect to see the first official look at iOS 9 including new iOS 9 features that could change how the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch connect.

“We’ve got incredible new technologies for iOS and OS X to share with developers at WWDC and around the world, and can’t wait to see the next generation of apps they create.” boasted Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, teasing new features that Apple will unveil at WWDC 2015 this June.

In the WWDC 2015 information section Apple outlines what developers can and cannot do with pre-release information disclosed at the event. This is further proof that we will see the iOS 9 update at WWDC 2015, but that the iOS 9 release date will arrive later in the year.

Odds are good that the iOS 9 release date will arrive in the fall, a few days before the iPhone 6s release date — or whatever Apple calls the new iPhone for 2015.

9 Features We Want from the iOS 9 Release

1. Siri That Works With Other Apps
2. Control Center Shortcuts to Settings
3. Notification Center that Isn't Trash
4. iOS 9 Themes
5. Smarter iPhone Automation
6. Eye Friendly Screen Options
7. iPhone Power Saver Mode
8. Set Default iPhone Apps
9. iOS 9 Split-Screen Multi Tasking

Retrieve Lost iPhone Data After Upgrading To iOS 9

As the new system iOS 9 beta coming out, It is necessary for us to take some preparation work. We still remember that many iPhone users find that their former iPhone data lost after upgrading to iOS 7/8. They look for the way to restore iPhone contents after iOS upgrade, but turn out disappointed and wondering how to do. If you do not want the repeated performance of a tragedy, Please continue to read this article, you will find it really useful.

First of all, you need to backup data from iPhone to iTunes/iCloud, or switch data from iPhone to PC via a 3rd party backup program like iPhone Data Transfer. In any case, backup is the best choice to prevent data losing from your device.

Even if you are so unfortunate, please do not worry for your lost iPhone data during iOS 9 upgrade. iPhone Data Recovery is your last but the most solid line of defense. The program provides three simple yet effective way for users to recover lost or deleted messages, photos, contacts, videos and more from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, even after iOS 9 upgrade.

Now, download a trial Windows or Mac version and follow the below tutrials to have a try.

Download Mac Version Download Mac Version

Tutorial 1: Directly Scan and Restore Lost Data from iPhone (Without Backup)

Step 1. Connect your iPhone device to PC

After your device is detected by your computer, launch iPhone Data Recovery. You are supposed to choose the mode in the left and click "Start Scan".

Step 2. Scan data in your iPhone

Data stored in your iPhone or deleted accidentally could be preview. It takes you a few minutes to preview all of them.

Step 3. Restore data from iPhone directly

Various kinds of information would be displayed. By clicking one after another, you can preview more details and then choose the right ones to recover.

Note: As for text messages, iMessage, contacts, or notes, when you click Recover, a pop-up will ask you to "Recover to Computer" or "Recover to Device". If you want to put these messages back to your iOS device, click "Recover to Device".

If you can not find the data which lost or deleted from your iDevice via directly scanning, please don't worry, you can follow another two tutorials below to extract lost iPhone data from backup files.

Tutorial 2: Extract Lost iPhone Data from iTunes Backup and Restore to PC/iPhone

Step 1. Choose the recovery mode and extract the iTunes backup files

Launch the program on your computer first of all. There are two recovery mode options appearing on the top of the start menu. Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup Files", then you’ll get the following window.

The program can automatically finds all iTunes backup files on your computer and displayed them to you. Choose the one for your device and click "Start Scan" to extract it.

Step 2. Restore the lost data on your iOS 9 device
In a few minutes, after the scanning and extracting, you can preview almost the entire contents in the backup files. Check them one by one, then mark the items that you want to restore and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Tutorial 3: Extract Lost iPhone Data from iCloud Backup and Recover to PC/iPhone

Step 1. Sign in Your iCloud Account

Launch iPhone Data Recovery and select the third mode "Recover from iCloud Backup File". When you get the window below, please sign in your iCloud account.

Step 2. Download and Scan iCloud Backup File

If you've successfully signed in your iCloud account, all found iCloud backup files will be displayed on the window. Choose the right one and download it on your computer. When it is finished, please click "Scan" to analyze iCloud backup, which will be a while.

Step 3. Retrieve Photos from iCloud

After the scanning, the window will show you the scanning result. You can preview all found data by clicking whatever item. Check the items you want and click "Recover" to restore them.

More Info of iPhone Data Recovery

Supported Recovery Files:

Supported Recovery Devices:


Six Reasons That Do Not Buy Apple Watches

Use Apple Watch, you first have to have a iPhone. If not, Apple Watch estimated that only look at the time.

This Friday, Apple Watch formally accept reservations. Many people went to the Apple store to try them first time experience.

Sydney Apple store is very busy and crowded, where a line of fruit powder that does not wear a watch, then always felt something missing, "I'm working so hard, is to buy the watch."

Many are willing to buy the first time fruit powder, also suggested that Apple's watch is not practical, not worth buying. So the question is, why do not need to buy Apple Watch?

Problem One: No iPhone

Use Apple Watch, you first have to have a iPhone. Plainly, Apple Watch is used to assist the iPhone. For information, call, health and other notifications, the need to connect the phone to use, the equivalent of the iPhone's second screen.

If more accustomed to using the phone, meaning the watch is not large. If not, then the iPhone, Apple Watch estimated that only look at the time.

Problem Two: Operating Inconvenient

Relative to the iPhone can be operated with one hand, the use of Apple Watch, hands must operate simultaneously. Not only that, many who try to reflect, the screen is too small. Just about two inches on the screen with a finger-mail is not a little crazy look?

In addition, interactive Apple Watch somewhat complicated, difficult to use, not for the novice friendly, Apple has always been inconsistent with this minimalist design.

Problem Three: Application Slow Response

Applications are slow to load and use Apple Watch flawed. Whether it is loaded notice, or call the data, one word: slow.

Many say the experience, in addition to check the time, not as a direct use Apple Watch cell phone or laptop were easy to operate. In response, Apple is officially recognized, except that it will continue to update the software to repair.

Problem Four: Short Life of Battery

Before Apple Watch has not officially released, everyone would doubt its life problem. Indeed the case, life is short board.

Average frequency, Apple Watch can only maintain 18 hours, in the same smart watch in just a lower level, it can not be compared with the Pebble Time watches seven days of battery life. There are those who experience that Apple machine shop to try a variety of phenomena without electricity since 9:00 am to 12:00.

Problem Five: Only a Technology Products

Apple hopes to enter the high-end Apple Watch fashion circles, gold limited edition is really a bit of fashion, but it is, after all, an electronic products.

No historical heritage value, there is no classic watch artisans has spirit, although Apple wants it to fight a stylish luxury, but it seems in the fashion industry, they think Apple is just a technological gadget watches, as awkward as Google glasses.

Problem Six: Price Is Too High

For Apple products, the price is not the highest, only higher.

This time, Apple Watch struck, once again set a record price of apples, at prices ranging from two thousand to 12 thousand dollars, and more up to 16 million dollars in diamonds customized version.

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Apple Watch Will Be In Short Supply

Apple said the initial listing of Apple Watch only bookable via online form.

Apple Inc. on Thursday said that given the consumer smart watches Apple Watch "great interest", the official opening of sale of this product is likely to outstrip supply in April 24.

Apple said the initial listing of Apple Watch only bookable via online form. Tomorrow (April 10), Apple Watch will formally accept reservations.

Based on the survey of US consumers buying interest, BMO Capital Markets (BMO Capital Markets) at Apple Watch has recently lowered to 39 million as of September 2016 sales forecast ago. Before that, the agency expects Apple Watch sales during that period will reach 55.5 million.

Apple Watch is Tim Cook (Tim Cook) as CEO since Apple introduced the first new product category. However, because the battery life is short, application loading speed and other reasons, the industry is not very high evaluation Apple Watch.

In addition to Apple, Samsung and Sony and other technology companies have been involved in the emerging wearable device market. After Apple Watch paired with the iPhone, allowing users to view e-mail, listen to music, and even make calls. In addition, Apple Watch also equipped with a health tracking applications, the ability to track the user's heart rate and pace and so on.

Investment agency Oppenheimer (Oppenheimer) analyst said Thursday in a report: "We believe that in the next five years will change the way we watch intelligent and interactive things around."