14 Hidden Features of iOS 8

Apple iOS 8 system hides some features or tools are not easy to be found, and the average user is not easy to  find, but some are very practical. While many iPhone users have upgraded to the latest iOS 8 operating system, but in fact many of the features of the new system we have not used before. In fact, Apple iOS 8 system also  hides some features or tools are not easy to be found, and the average user is not easy to find, but some are  very practical.

Following, let us look at these 14 hidden features of Apple iOS 8 system.

1. Hide Photos

This is a very clever hidden photo feature. Long accordance piece, select "Hide." After hiding, hidden pictures do not appear in the collection and the year, but is stored in only you can see hidden albums. So no one will know that you are with the iPhone took which photos.

2. SMS Mute

iOS 8 designee may mute receive SMS. Click in the message dialog "Details" mode if you're open, so you can mute  the ring pattern you received a text message nominee. This feature allows you do not want others to see the information is not interesting, and convenient than hide all information.

3. More Text Control

iOS 8 developed more and receive SMS editing functions, including batch delete messages. Long as you select text messages, the "copy" and "more" option. Click on "more", you can select the text messages forwarded to others or delete it.

4. Credit Card Scanning

When you are shopping via the Safari browser, you will find a "scan credit card" option instead of manually entering credit card information. This feature will automatically appear on the keyboard. Once selected, your credit card payments into the phone lens area, it would be safe to enter your personal information.

5. Black And White Mode 

For those mobile phone users want to experience the retro feel into "universal", click on the "Accessibility" open play "grayscale" mode, the phone home screen every software and e-mail will be displayed in black and white.

6. Interactive Reminder

You no longer need to stop the hands of things to reply to messages, mail, calendar reminders and news. When you receive a text message or an e-mail alert sign appears on the top of the screen, and you only need to remind slid down can reply. Yes, this is the newly added system iOS 8 best features.

7. Medical ID

iOS 8 provides a new health medical ID card software HealthKit. In case of emergency, anyone can contact you through this medical emergency contact card. 

This means that any cell phone you do not know who can get the password to your health information or contact  you immediately notify in case of emergency.

8. Self-Timer

The new system is added to the timer in the camera, you can use three seconds or ten seconds to capture accurate  picture of what you want. Before you can develop a timer gracefully phone, so no hand to take pictures. When using a mobile phone camera, top of the screen there will be a timer icon, you can click into three seconds or ten seconds to set the timing.

9. Updated Keyboard 

If you download software from third-party platform keyboard, you can use directly through the main keyboard settings, rather than per-click map icon to replace the language. Specific settings: Settings> General> Keyboard> Edit. 

10. Recover Deleted Photos

If you accidentally delete a picture, do not worry, you can still get it back: Apple added a "recently deleted" album. Photos and video display the number of days remaining before deleting, then permanently deleted. A maximum of 30 days. 

11, E-Mail Reply Notifications 

If you are waiting for an important e-mail, you can set it to a letter reminder. Into your inbox, select an e- mail to the left slide, select More> informed me, so someone replies to e-mail the first time you will be notified. 

12, Apple Account Management

When you want to add personnel to the family share plan, increasing credit card or update Apple account  password, you'll never need to iTunes or the App Store to manage your Apple account. Click Settings, enter iCloud and sign in to your account via e-mail address to complete the connection. 

13, The Application Power Consumption Displays

Into the general> usage> battery usage, you can see that each software over the past 24 hours or the last 7 days of consumption, and understand which applications in the background when not in use turn off to save power. This small act will extend the hours of battery life. 

14, Draft Messages Multitasking

If you are watching an e-mail, but would like to return to the Inbox, you can press the upper part of the information to the decline. But be careful not to prevent too much upward Notifications tab appears. You can also edit multiple drafts. Double-click the bottom of the screen minimize drafts can also see all drafts - rotate the display, and the Safari tab view similar to, and executed by the click or slide open or removed.

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