Apple Released The Second Beta Version Of iOS 8.2

On Wednesday, Apple released the second beta version 8.2 system to provide more support for new WatchKit SDK and fixes some vulnerabilities involving international language.

The iOS update, the most important change is the WatchKit SDK. WatchKit SDK allows developers to Apple's upcoming Smart Watch Apple Watch develop application software. In addition, this update also fixes a problem with the system have been found, including the construction of iOS simulator program and other issues.

WatchKit API itself, there have been many changes, such as developers can now override the default table appearance on Apple Watch.

In addition, Siri now supports Singapore English, Thai system font size increase to easy reading. Developers fear that this change may appear non-standard UI interface, resulting in the display problems. Therefore, they should use the built-in iOS input tools (such as Dynamic Type) when you want to be cautious. However, after this update, there are still some problems, Apple recommends developers to reset the device as a temporary solution.

iOS 8.2 Beta 2 has been open, developers can upgrade directly via OTA, you can go to the Apple Developer Center Web site for updates. Apple recently updated iOS system frequency is relatively fast, three weeks ago, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 8.2. Yesterday, Apple released to the general user iOS 8.1.2, this update is mainly to solve the problem disappears when you buy the phone ringing in iTunes encountered.

While Apple iOS 8.2 system has not yet been officially released, but tai chi team claimed its jailbreak tool has been cracked, this is still in the "infancy" among systems. Currently, the jailbreak tool has been provided Tai Chi can be downloaded.

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