How to Jailbreak iPhone iPad iPod on iOS 8.2.x

Since the release of Apple Watch, iOS 8.2 official version finally released, iOS8.2 official moderator if Apple Watch watches for adaptation and students. Whether to buy an Apple Watch, a lot of users have to upgrade their devices to the latest iOS 8.2.

iOS 8.2 update contains improved health applications, increase fitness for Apple Watch, the pairing synchronization program. In new iOS 8.2 adds Apple Watch application (can not delete), and watches can be paired connection, the data on the user's mobile phone health applications can be synchronized imported onto Apple Watch for easy viewing. In addition, the new system enhances stability, and have features such as bug fixes. However, for many users, they must be more interested in how to jailbreak theirs iPhone iPad iPod on iOS 8.2.x.

Pangu just released the Semi Jailbreak for iOS 8.2, This is not a fully untethered jailbreak, But iDevice's user can install 3rd party apps and themes without root access. Semi jailbreak is specially developed for iOS 8.2 jailbreak.

If you do not want to download the Windows or Mac tool to do it. You can do it online by using your Safari browser. It does not install the Cydia Substrate to your device as untethered jailbreak. It installs the Cydia on special web platform and gives a access it though your device. You can't find the difference between fully jailbreak cydia and semi jailbreak cydia. But some functions are not available with Semi jailbreak.

Pangu8 Unofficial tool for iOS 8.2

This tool only compatible with iOS 8.2 beta 2 Jailbreak, You must have Apple developer account or you have already completed UDID registration to upgrade your device to iOS 8.2

According to Apple iOS 8.2 is the most inaequalis iOS version ever, Therefore jailbreak will be very important to iOS 8.2.

Download the Pangu 8.2 unofficial tool

Pangu8 Unofficial tool for iOS 8.2 jailbreak method

Pangu8 have tested this tool for iOS 8.2 beta 1 jailbreak. This is alpha version of the tool.

This tool doesn't install the Cydia to your device. You have to install the Cydia manually after the jailbreak process 

Here is unofficial jailbreak method to jailbreak iOS 8.2 version with Pangu8 unofficial tool. You should be done this, after Apple release iOS 8.2 version for the public officially.

Step 01. First you should have to download the Pangu 8.2 unofficial tool.

Step 02. Turn off Pass-code lock feature & Find My iPhone feature.

Step 03. Turn on AirPlane mode feature. (you should do this while running Pangu8.2 alpha jailbreak process)

Step 04. Make sure not to disable com.apple.mobile.softwareupdated.plist.

Step 05. Connect your iDevice with the PC. You must run the tool as Administrator

Step 06. It will identify your device now.. Then Start the jailbreak. Click on the jailbreak button.

Step 07. While processing, you have to ignore the Disk is almost full warning. Click on the done button. 

Step 08. Within few second, jailbreak will be completed. Let it to complete the reboot. Then, slide to unlock your device.

Step 09. Turn off the AirPlane mode. Now you can work with Cydia on your iOS 8.2 device.

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