iOS 8 Officially Announced Two Months, The Device Upgrades Rate Of 56%

So far, iOS7 and iOS8 market share reached 96%. There are 56% of users upgrade iDevice to iOS 8.
Since the official opening of the Apple iOS 8 system update, it seems that the user enthusiasm for iOS 8 does not as enthusiastic as last year when the iOS 7 system has just released. According to the latest statistics show that the current system after iOS 8 officially released nearly two months, the new system upgrade rate is still only slow growth, has now reached 56%.

According to Apple's developer site statistics, as of November 10 visit to the store App Store iOS devices registered in 56% run iOS 8 system, and iOS market share dropped to 40% 7 system. The last time the statistics are on October 27, when the rate of iOS 8 system upgrade just exceeded 50%.

In early October, Apple iOS 8 upgrade rate system was stagnant, largely because there was a lot of iPhone and iPad users react after the upgrade bug and there were many issues, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus network connection can not be used, Touch ID fingerprint system does not recognize the like. And Apple's latest version of iOS 8 for iOS 8.1, officially opened the Apple Pay mobile payment and iCloud cloud photo gallery feature. Currently Apple is still in full swing to develop iOS 8.1.1, intentions known before multiple bug fixes and performance improvements.

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