20 Using Tips of iPhone

For today's iPhone users, our daily lives have been almost inseparable from this little smart devices. But even though we are using the iPhone every day, but the device is still able to occasionally bring us some little surprise, since the device is actually hidden inside many we usually less than, or not to be known by consumers functional design. Followwing, let's show you the 20 using tips of iPhone.

1. Direct reply message.

If the user is in the application or lock screen, we can enter Notification Center by declining gesture, and then use the left sliding gestures to reply directly to SMS.

2. Check the application power consumption.

Want to know which applications within their own cell phone is power-hungry? No problem! You need to do is open the Settings > General > Amount > The Amount of Battery Interface, will provide detailed data for each application you power down the screen.

3. Check all contacts send pictures.

If you want to see yourself sent to all the historical pictures or video, then a contact is actually very simple, you need to do is click the "Details" button under the SMS interface.

4. Send the automatic destruction of the video and audio information.

You can use iPhone comes with SMS function will automatically send destroyed within two minutes of video and audio information. Also, users can go to Settings - Information set time automatically destroy such information.

5. Share location

Many people do not realize is that the user can take advantage of iPhone comes with real-time messaging feature to send your location.

6. Allow friends to track their location in real time.

In addition to sending their location, users can also SMS interface allows friends to track your real-time location and select the Allow other track their location time window.

7. SMS not disturbing.

The user can set the short message function for a particular contact, if you're in the iPhone.

8. Exit group chat.

Group chat is sometimes the most effective channels to convey their message, but this feature is sometimes very tired. So if you want to exit a group chat, they need to do is click on the upper right corner of the "Details" and then click on the "Exit dialogue" can be.

9. Named for group chat.

If you often in conjunction with a group of users within the expanded group chat, may wish to try this for a group chat group named the IM level features. You need to do is click on the upper right corner of the "Details", and then click Edit pull-down "group chat name" button.

10. The multi-task operation.

If you receive a new message when you are composing an email, when it, you need not give up in the hands of the work you can view the message. Specifically, is that you can use for your own written messages are minimized from sliding down gesture, and then check for new mail. In view has been completed, you can still bring up the compose completed yet again by clicking on the e-mail message at the bottom of the way.

11. SMS forwarding.

With e-mail, users can always be forwarded course his short message content to others. You need to do is double-click the short forwarding the information they need, click on "More" and fill in the recipient column contact information can be forwarded.

12. Using Siri.

You do not always need to press the Home button to activate Siri, because if your iPhone is charging, then the user can activate this feature by phone side shouted "Hey, Siri" approach. Of course, you first need to set up - General --Siri activate this function in the job.

13. Read the speech.

In fact, you can make Siri to help you on the contents of the displayed reading device. However, you must first activate iPhone "Accessibility" inside voice module.

14. Teach Siri to read names.

In actual use, we found that a lot of the time no law Siri accurately read out part of the names. Therefore, we can first put forward by the Siri like "what is my name?" This question allows Siri to give feedback, and then tell it to the pronunciation problem. Then, Siri will ask you how pronunciation should, after you give the correct pronunciation Siri will be available in three different pronunciation ways for users to choose, after the user selects one of Siri in the future will remember this rule of.

15. The other mode of operation.

Also in the Settings - General - there is an auxiliary function that we use very little function, that is, "switching control." In which the "Add a new switch" menu, we saw were "outside", "Screen" and "camera" these three options. For example, we can select the "camera" in the "move to the left of the head" to activate Siri. After everything is set properly, our future will be able to activate it via Siri "move to the left of the head."

16. Review frequented locations.

Many people do not know is, in fact, your iPhone has been quietly recording your travel location information in the background. We can go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services, to saw a "frequented sites" option, the bottom of the menu shows the number of users is frequented location data.

17. The power-saving mode.

Apple actually long for us in the iPhone preset a power saving mode, the user needs to do is open the Settings > General > Accessibility, and open the "gray" option. After opening this feature, iPhone will become a downright black and white machine, and help us save a lot of power.

18. Single-handed operation mode.

5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, Apple user presets for one-handed operation mode. Users can just double-click the Home button to decline throughout the UI, UI elements so that the top of the thumb can be located within a user-controllable range.

19. Emergency medical information.

In iOS 8, Apple for health applications built in an "emergency medical card" function. Users can pre-enter within this function include name, date of birth, medical conditions, allergies, medications, key tips on their own health as well as several emergency contact information. After everything is set up properly in the future, users can without entering a password to see in the lower left corner "emergency" button, then click you will enter a special dial interface, where you can only call 911 in it (or in other countries emergency telephone number), but now there will be "* Medical ID" button. Click this button to be able to see the information they enter, and you can also give them a contact to call.

20. Check phone signal strength.

Open the dial-up interface, enter * 3001 # 12345 # * and then press the dial key, then Field test program will open, digital signal strength is displayed in the upper left corner of the. Among them, the -50 to -75 represents the signal is excellent, -75 to -90, said okay, -90 to -110 says bad signal. If you want the default display into a digital signal is also very simple, first in Field testing procedures and hold the power button down until you see "slide off" interface appears. Then do not shut down, press and hold the Home key until the return to the main screen, the signal strength will become the top right corner of the digital signal.

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