Six Reasons That Do Not Buy Apple Watches

Use Apple Watch, you first have to have a iPhone. If not, Apple Watch estimated that only look at the time.

This Friday, Apple Watch formally accept reservations. Many people went to the Apple store to try them first time experience.

Sydney Apple store is very busy and crowded, where a line of fruit powder that does not wear a watch, then always felt something missing, "I'm working so hard, is to buy the watch."

Many are willing to buy the first time fruit powder, also suggested that Apple's watch is not practical, not worth buying. So the question is, why do not need to buy Apple Watch?

Problem One: No iPhone

Use Apple Watch, you first have to have a iPhone. Plainly, Apple Watch is used to assist the iPhone. For information, call, health and other notifications, the need to connect the phone to use, the equivalent of the iPhone's second screen.

If more accustomed to using the phone, meaning the watch is not large. If not, then the iPhone, Apple Watch estimated that only look at the time.

Problem Two: Operating Inconvenient

Relative to the iPhone can be operated with one hand, the use of Apple Watch, hands must operate simultaneously. Not only that, many who try to reflect, the screen is too small. Just about two inches on the screen with a finger-mail is not a little crazy look?

In addition, interactive Apple Watch somewhat complicated, difficult to use, not for the novice friendly, Apple has always been inconsistent with this minimalist design.

Problem Three: Application Slow Response

Applications are slow to load and use Apple Watch flawed. Whether it is loaded notice, or call the data, one word: slow.

Many say the experience, in addition to check the time, not as a direct use Apple Watch cell phone or laptop were easy to operate. In response, Apple is officially recognized, except that it will continue to update the software to repair.

Problem Four: Short Life of Battery

Before Apple Watch has not officially released, everyone would doubt its life problem. Indeed the case, life is short board.

Average frequency, Apple Watch can only maintain 18 hours, in the same smart watch in just a lower level, it can not be compared with the Pebble Time watches seven days of battery life. There are those who experience that Apple machine shop to try a variety of phenomena without electricity since 9:00 am to 12:00.

Problem Five: Only a Technology Products

Apple hopes to enter the high-end Apple Watch fashion circles, gold limited edition is really a bit of fashion, but it is, after all, an electronic products.

No historical heritage value, there is no classic watch artisans has spirit, although Apple wants it to fight a stylish luxury, but it seems in the fashion industry, they think Apple is just a technological gadget watches, as awkward as Google glasses.

Problem Six: Price Is Too High

For Apple products, the price is not the highest, only higher.

This time, Apple Watch struck, once again set a record price of apples, at prices ranging from two thousand to 12 thousand dollars, and more up to 16 million dollars in diamonds customized version.

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