What Are The Highlights Of WWDC 2015 Keynote

Yesterday, the 2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) held in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, the WWDC has continued to update the system traditionally dominated, did not release new hardware products.

However, the system updates surprise again and again, small news updates have been overwhelmed. The system updates can say is thoroughly updated, the entire system from the ground up to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, the system becomes more intelligent. The WWDC focused on the three themes: iOS, OS X, and Watch OS, features three themes not only on the tall, there follow the mass line of useful features.

If you have to, and a few days before Google I / O conference compared to the case, we want to say, should be the content of this year's Apple WWDC next year's Google I / O conference a. Of course, finally, Steve Jobs-style "One More thing": new applications with the Apple Music music social functions.

Just shortly before WWDC 2015, Google held its I / O conference, accused of novelty, while the more some of the features of Apple's pursuit of such payments, fingerprint, Android more and more to iOS line. So, what WWDC 2015 session of the new features and highlights to follow it? With a look.

The new iOS9: Change

1) Siri Smarter

As the theme of this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference "The epicenter of change" interpretation of more change. iOS9 was completely redesigned from the bottom of the system began a comprehensive upgrade, so that the whole system becomes more intelligent.

In fact, this is Google's latest operating system Android M in the direction of the trend: more intelligent. Similar Google Now voice assistant service. Apple also will Siri features and Spotlight search function integration, combined with the scene, the application, the phone becomes capable assistant, according to the user's time, place, APP and equipment to open a connection to predict next move.

Google Now voice assistant service is also in application scenarios, an increase of more choices, more intelligent on the presentation. That was the way users access to content that is required by points.

2) Passbook did not have a Wallet

Last year, Apple launched Apple Pay, this year Apple Pay further functions were perfect, and pushed the UK. In addition to adding more than well-known merchants, Square will also release a new reader, countless small businesses can begin to use Apple Pay.

In addition, Apple Pay let Passbook application richer, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, tickets, etc. rolled into one, since Passbook gone, replaced by a Wallet.

Google Wallet just renamed the Android Pay, wins the Apple Pay, Apple introduced Wallet, a coincidence?

2) Map: Bus navigation will become closer

Google launched the I / O conference on offline map function caused the audience applause, Apple added a new Transit the features in the map APP, the more people screaming.

Transit new feature that allows users to access to public transport navigation public transport, trains, subways, ferries, and even can be displayed and the exit of the pit mouth.

More importantly, this feature is equally applicable in many other countries.

3) increase battery life 1 hour

Smartphone biggest pain points, and difficult to solve the problem is the battery life. Since lithium principle restrictions, handset manufacturers can "curve" resolved fast charging technology development.

At the recent Google I / O conference on the launch of the latest operating system Android M, an increase of Doze feature, you can distinguish sleep or activity, if time does not move, it will automatically turn off some of the App. This can make life doubled.

The Apple iOS9 also increases low-power mode, it can be extended by one hour battery life.

Moreover, in order to increase the space after the provincial volume iOS 9 reduced from 4.6GB to 1.3GB.

4) The legend of the split-screen feature enables

As Apple's senior vice president Craig Federighi beginning to introduce the latest version of the main highlights when iOS9 said, iOS9 focused on smart, APPs, iPad and functions. More intelligent Siri reflected in the upgrade, APP increased by News application, in iPad side is introduced to the legendary split-screen function.

The different applications interface displayed on a limited screen size, is one of the highlights of Microsoft Surface tablet. The Apple iPad can be achieved iOS 9 in split-screen, the user can set out two different App in the interface, but also in the same application, listing of different interfaces, such as opening or compare two documents in the browser simultaneously display two tabs. There 1/3 screen, accounting for half of the screen and the proportion accounted for two-thirds of the screen are three to choose from.

Moreover, iPad can be achieved "picture in picture" function, support for video playback suspension, it allows the user to always keep a video player to play at the top of a small window.

5) the end of the open source Swift

Of course, in addition to surprise consumers than Apple iOS9 also upgraded the new development language Swift2.

Swift Apple released iOS language original intention was to make development easier, more accurate and replace Object-C language. wift 2.0 added major features include generics, faster debug mode, faster compilation, error handling, C function pointer API, comments the Markdown format.

As announced by the end of Swift Craig Federighi will open, the language will affect more and more.

How to Upgrade iPhone iPad to iOS 9

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The new Watch OS: Watch cell phone is no longer a subsidiary

Smart wearable devices are now being seen as more smartphones ancillary products, some functions such as telephone can not be achieved independently. Apple released a major trend in the latest Watch OS more APP is to be transferred to the Watch, no longer is a mobile phone accessory products.

And Google will tighten the different open-source Android Wear, Apple's Watch OS2 more open, the original native application API open interfaces, so that more developers closer to the underlying hardware, call the API, you can access a variety of sensors Watch on.

After upgrading Apple Watch Watch OS2, you can reply to the message, carried FaceTime voice calls. You can even HomeKit, Apple Pay stationed Apple Watch.

The new version of OS X: the player favorites

Following the Yosemite version of OS X, Apple released the latest OS X: El Capitan. El Capitan is another California attractions chiefs stone, known as "the world's largest piece of exposed granite in the ground monomer." 1100 m high rock, through the 5700 years.

This version is mainly focused on upgrading the Mac experience and performance.

El Capitan gestures functionality for many fast operation easier. Spotlight search function also increases the search sources, to provide users with a richer search results. In El Capitan in Yosemite startup speed applications is at least 1.4 times.

In addition, most of the audience is inviting developers introduced a new version of OS X Metal technology. Metal combines the computing power of OpenCL and OpenGL graphics capabilities, so rendering a 40% increase, rendering Adobe has been 8 times increase. Lovers of the game was a huge highlight.

Apple Music: Music opened a new era

2003 Apple introduced iTunes, allow consumers to download songs legally, revolutionize the music sales model. After a lapse of 12 years, Apple once again rooted in the music of DNA into Apple to launch Apple Music application.

This is the Apple press conference of "One More thing".

Not only have the Apple Music in the iTunes library, users can hear 24/7 anywhere in more than 100 countries and regions, skip-free music broadcast.

Moreover, Apple Music also launched Beats Connect, the fledgling singer and fans a platform. Apple said Beats Connect music is actually a pair of social networking, where fans and artists can perform a variety of exchanges.

Cook believes, Apple Music will be another new era in the music industry.

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