iOS 9 New Features: Not Carry A Cell Phone To Answer The Phone With A Computer

Apple users should be aware that the introduction of a new feature called "Continuity" (continuous exchange) in iOS 8 system, which can make the iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. "integration", the biggest bright spot is the iPad, Mac also can replace iPhone receive calls, text messages.

However, there is a limitation: all the equipment required in the same local area network, and the device type can not be too old. It seems that this iOS function of continuity is not very practical - with a WiFi, need we to call each other?

However, in the latest release of iOS 9 system, the continuous exchange (Continuity) function has been strengthened, it allows the use of iOS devices or Mac computers between 3G or 4G data network connection to each other, such as a mobile phone at home forgot to answer the phone with a computer company .

Continuous exchange (Continuity) function is a new feature of Apple's iOS 8 added to the system, which allows direct collaboration between iOS devices or Mac computers, such as to call when the phone rang and the iPad together, or open a web page using a mobile phone, the computer will pop up, reminding the user to watch on the big screen open, but use this feature with the proviso that all the equipment needed in the same local area network (equipment model is also required, not too old).

In the latest release of iOS 9, the second function has been upgraded, it has supported the use of 3G/4G data network connection, iPhone or iPad is no longer necessary with the Mac in the same LAN, on the other device can use the same iCloud account data network connection .

Imagine, a usage scenario would be: If, after your phone at home, the company can use a Mac or iPad to answer the call.

This behavior is not look familiar? Facetime video calls when just on the line, have restrictions must have a WiFi network, and later began to support data network connection.

But operators of this feature may be limited to this function (because it is not a call under the GSM network), the current operators T-Mobile has been determined that began in July test support under continuous data network interworking function, but only the United States, rest of the world is not can not know.

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