iPhone 6S Will Probably Use 12 Million Pixel Camera

iPhone 6s also joined the "Iris Capture" feature, the camera when the lens while recording a video after opening.

Apple iPhone 6s have been rumors that they will join Force Touch technology, and now has been further confirmed. According to Bloomberg, citing informed sources said that Apple will release iPhone6s series will support Force Touch feature in the second half of this year, and Apple with suppliers to spend at least two years for such a touch-sensing technology in the mobile phone screen performance to be Perfection. And future iPhone 6s series also will have two kinds of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen size, expected next month, will accelerate the production schedule.

Two years to complete

According to Bloomberg's statement, Apple released iPhone6s series will also have 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two screen sizes in the second half of this year, and not much difference in appearance. Meanwhile Force Touch pressure touch technology will debut on the iPhone 6s series, for Apple and suppliers spent at least two years, to improve the function of this touch-sensitive screen on the phone's performance. It is reported, this function allows the user to adjust clicking finger on the screen to trigger different functions of the intensity, which is Apple against Samsung and other rivals in the latest competition initiatives.

However, there are messages from the microblogging claimed, Force Touch pressure touch technology currently does not have any role in the iPhone 6s, which is also well-known analyst Kuo Ming-pool after saying good agreement. According to Kuo Ming-pool argument, because the Force Touch is a new interactive technology, so they need more support for third-party applications to synchronize. Thus, if the lack of application support, the user experience may not be a more significant upgrade in the short term.

Support aperture camera

According to sources at the same time on the microblogging say, iPhone 6s rose pink version has been confirmed, rather than the previously outgoing rose gold, but the pink and white border panel seemed more abrupt with them. While iPhone 6s camera configuration, have tested in the past 16 megapixel version of the project, but later changed to pilot version of 12 million pixels, and joined the 4K video recording and 240fps slow-motion video capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that, iPhone 6s also joined the so-called "stop camera" function, that is, after opening the aperture can take a photo and record a video, browse in normal circumstances would be a photograph, but if you have been press live and hold the touch screen will become video playback. In addition, iPhone 6s of the front lens will be upgraded to 500 million pixels, but the main camera on the back of still some outstanding.

Fingerprint Faster

iPhone 6s will also upgrade the memory to 2GB, and the minimum capacity remains at 16GB, but according to sources say, the aircraft's speed and fingerprint recognition rate is very impressive, large angles are instantly unlocked, even in terms of speed Samsung GALAXY S6 faster than about 30%, from dormancy to unlock even finger touch on the Home key once to complete.

It is worth mentioning that the message from the microblogging also disclosed that, iPhone 6s series codenamed N66 and N71, and compared to the iPhone 6 shape does not change, it is also more in line with the Bloomberg report. At the same time it is precisely because iPhone 6s series of design and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is similar, it is expected that the final assembly process will be smooth. However, Bloomberg said, time to market and yield iPhone 6s series is likely to be affected by the touch screen of supply and production vary.

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